Thursday, April 28, 2011

Excuse me, but you're getting your creative juices all over me.

Aaaaaaah, there is nothing like satisfying my inner geek. Weather it be TV, video games, anime or manga, when I've done something geeky that I love, I just feel super awesome. This time I feel awesome because I got to attend Anime Boston again this year. Anime Boston was actually the first anime convention I ever attended, and it instantly stole my heart away. The talented costumes, freeing atmosphere, and puking glowing glow stick fluid at 4 in the morning on some street corner, how could you not fall in love? Though my interest in anime has wained since my first convention in 2003, I still manage to find something I enjoy every year.

6:45am isn't easy on a loli with a corset
After arriving in Boston Friday night my weekend of inspiration began.  It started by visiting and old high school friend Paul.  Paul is currently studying print making at Mass Art and exploring gender and sexuality in society ... I think.  Regardless his work blew me away and nearly brought me to tears, he was just that amazing.  After naping for two hours, Miss Lumpy and I woke made our way to the convention.  Well that's not true. At four we started getting ready and after a lost wallet, disgruntled charlie ride, and a rain storm we were sure was going to destroy Miss Lumpy's bonnet, we finally arrived at the convention center at about 6:45am.

Normally I'm one to spend my time all over the convention watching AMVs, joining in on panels, and strolling through the artest alley and dealers room.  But this year I was given a unique opportunity to help my friend Miss Lumpy sell jewelry from her web shop Amaranth Opulent. While there, I got to meet and get to know the lovely Caro-Chan, author of F-yeah Lolita. I was happy to be at the convention, but more importantly, I was inspired. I've always wanted to be my own boss. Even with my first job at CVS when I was 16, I knew that I wanted to create something of my own and pave my own path. I've been mulling around a few ideas in my head of what to do, never fully convinced it will be a success. But then I realized that everything doesn't have to be a success. Looking around the artiest alley at Anime Boston, I saw nothing but people doing what made them happy and trying to make a few bucks from it.  Miss Lumpy and Caro-Chan were shining examples of this selling their hand made jewelry and bonnets.  And theres no reason I can't do that too.

I currently work about 65 hours a week, and will be going to, literally, 80 hours a week starting May 1st. Though the money is good, it's been draining on my overall happiness. It's ironic, but hurting my back and having to lay in bed for a week was quite possibly the best thing to of happened to me in a very long time. With nothing but time on my hands I was able to do what I loved. I cooked, sewed, crotched, nearly every craft out there, I tried. And with that, I realized just how much I hate my work life. I hate being told what to do every minute of my day, I hate being pushed around by customers, and I HATE opening my paycheck and feeling as if there are a few hundred dollars missing. "I definitely work harder then $200 a week, right? RIGHT?" And I do, and I know working for myself I'll only work harder and be paid even less, but it'll be my work, not someone else's, and thats worth every penny I might earn. So thank you Miss Lumpy, thank you Caro-chan, thank you for kicking my butt in gear, no matter how unintentional it might have been. Here's to a whole new me!

As a side note, here are a few shots from my, hopefully, life changing weekend in Boston.

Ever Lovely Paul


  1. perfect and amazing ♥ I can't wait to see what you come up with!

  2. Thanks, I just order some things to make hair things. I'm super excited to get working.